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The School and the Old Scholars' Association
01 July 2014
Three years ago we embarked upon a new relationship with the School. There was to be a closer union and the school would cover the cost of the administration of the Old Scholars. We were thus in a position to open our membership to all former pupils and staff and invite donations instead of subscriptions. We had hoped that the donations would more than offset the cost of the administration of the Old Scholars but this has not been the case. Thus we have had to make some savings and for the time being will rely on this website and use of email to communicate with members.

If you are able to help by making regular donations to the School and the Old Scholars then please do have a look at the section on this website about how you can support the School and the OSA.

Partly due to cost but also due to the lack of material submitted, we have decided that there will not be a separate Old Scholar’s magazine for the time being. However, the School is planning to have a new school magazine which should be published in each autumn term, and we hope to have a section for the Old Scholars in this magazine. So do let us have suitable material and news please.

The most successful reunions are when a good number of your year group turn up and from next May we will be extending our target year groups to those turning 40 and 70 as well as those turning 50 and 60 ie for 9th May 2015, those in year groups 63, 73, 83, and 93. However, all Old Scholars will continue to be most welcome. We are also very willing to host reunions of other year groups at other times such as for those here in the 1940’s who met here in July.

We are very lucky to have Stefanie Godfrey helping with the Old Scholars in school one day a week during term time. If you have any queries then do contact Stef at
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