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Developer addresses SW Town Council
13 October 2018
Old Scholars Douglas Kent and Martin Hugall attended the meeting of the Saffron Walden Town Council on Monday 8th October where a representative from Chase New Homes presented initial thoughts about how they plan to develop some parts of the Friends’ School site.
In addition to what is mentioned in the attached articles from the Walden Local and SW Walden Reporter we would like to add that most of the presentation was about other schemes that Chase New Homes had been involved in and their proposed construction of 150 residential dwellings on a large part of the playing fields. There were several areas of the school site that were missing from their presentation, including the main school building and junior school.

The only local people they have consulted to date are the local triathlon, rugby and running clubs. It seems that the area earmarked by Chase New Homes for sport equates to roughly the northern third of the playing fields. No mention was made of the sports hall and as indicated in the Walden Local article they are still undecided about the future of the swimming pool.

The point was also made by at least one councillor that sporting facilities should not be the only consideration. Another point was that much more needed to be done to compensate the local community for the significant loss of open space to make way for the proposed housing if the plans were to meet the requirements of local planning policies.
Martin Hugall and Douglas Kent

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