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Pauline Haigh (née Goddard, YG 1946)
27 September 2020
Old Scholars will be saddened to hear that Pauline Haigh (née Goddard, YG 1946) died aged 92 on 27th September 2020.
I received the following account of her life from friends and family:

Pauline Haigh was involved with Friends' School for most of her life. She lived on the High Street in Saffron Walden with her parents and brother John.

Pauline attended Friends' School as a day pupil from 1939 – 1946. Being at school during the war was an experience all in itself: when she returned home in the evening, if the air raid siren went off, they would have to sleep in the cellar. It was during this time that Friends' School welcomed an evacuated London school. When the war ended in 1945 they went on a “Tramp” to the Lake District (older Old Scholars will understand...).

Pauline must have enjoyed school because, after graduating from Gloucester, she returned as a domestic science teacher in 1950, staying at the school until 1953.

Unfortunately because of school policy, when her mother died, Pauline was unable to continue to live-in school (as she wished to look after her father with whom she lived) so Pauline moved to the County High School to teach English. She had already officially opened this school in her capacity as Saffron Walden Mayoress. Her father had been Mayor and on her mother’s death she inherited the position making her the youngest Mayoress in England.

After marrying in 1957 Pauline moved to Sewards End from where her three children Robert (YG 76), Alison (YG 78) and Rachel (YG 82) all attended Friends'.

During this time, Pauline ran the Sewards End Library, started Sewards End Women’s Institute and was heavily involved in the Inner Wheel. She later found an outlet for her creativity by writing books for her grandchildren most of whom attended Friends' School.

She became more involved with the school again later in her life after her daughter Rachel sadly died and when her grandchildren Greg (YG 2014) and Douglas (YG 2016) were in attendance. Douglas left just before the school closed.

Throughout her life, Pauline was very fond of the school and always stayed involved with Old Scholars.
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