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Old Scholar recognised in New Year Honours List
06 June 2021
It never ceases to amaze me the number of Friends’ School Old Scholars who end up going into the Armed Forces in some capacity or other. I guess joining the army was the ultimate form of rebellion. Anyway, it recently came to my attention that Friends’ School alumnus, Theo (Teddy) Chabo (YG 2009) was awarded a commendation for his work during the pandemic. When the pandemic hit and Teddy’s unit suspended all routine activity he decided to find a role. He used his media experience, acting as a liaison officer for the media covering military personal deployed in support of the NHS. After being deployed with the Military Testing Units across the country, Teddy created a guide for those staff who might come into contact with the media. This guide has become the gold standard and is issued to all three services across the country before they are deployed on Covid-tasks. Teddy says that he was “very lucky to be recognised in this way”. If you would like to read more about this, there is a link to an article here. Here’s to Teddy for his role in helping in the fight against Covid!
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